a. UEMA Courses


—->> New classes  Start: <<—-

These training courses will take place on a designated 2 day schedule every week, on Euro time & another on USA time. Practices will be held at scheduled times throughout the week. So practice when you need it most and we encourage to ask questions during training, there is no such thing as a stupid question. We want you to benefit and fully understand your training so please ask, we have an open door policy. We expect the course to take about 2 hours (maybe 3 depending on questions and SL lag), so you need to plan in advance if you want to attend and complete it. Orientation will be the first day of your training venture. If you have a vision of a modeling career, See yourself as a model or just wanting to look and act like one, then don’t ignore it any longer. Take the first step towards your dream and desires.

Benefits of becoming a certified model with UEMA

1. Model Status upon Graduation of UEMA Course, you will be handed your certificate but graduating will not necessarily result in an invitation to UEMA Agency. However, if ALL teachers unanimously agree that a graduate should be a member of UEMA Agency, an invitation will be extended.

2. UEMA offers Model Management. What we will do is, if we see a job opportunity we will promote it through the UEMA MODELS Group it is up to you to take the chance and apply for the job. This will keep you active during the workings or arranging another fashion show.

3. ALL UEMA MODELS get a chance to cast for the fashion shows booked though UEMA before it goes to the general public for casting.

4. We offer contests and pageants and a place in le defile le mode our fashion magazine.



Our Sponsors for the Graduation shows : Innuendo italian styleThe muse poses


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