UEMA Trainee Application


Refunds do NOT happen, it is your responsibility to make it to your own training class, not ours. We sacrificed to make our classes now you need to do the same to make yours. We are as flexible as we can possibly be. You need to make the needed changes to ensure that you get the fullest out of your training, you will not graduate unless the course is completed. Don’t ask for a refund for any reason, the answer will be ALWAYS result in NO…It’s stated here so that you are fully aware of this.


Applicants must be at least 90 days old to apply. You’ll need basic knowledge of SecondLife to participate in this training program.

Alt registration.

You MAY enroll using an alt regardless of age, however you MUST register the main avatar with the intended alts name in parentheses, the information goes no further than management so it will be in safe hands. We have a STRONG privacy policy. Here is how to list your name information  ie: VioletCrush Bravin (VioletCrush Resident)

This is to verify that you have basic knowledge and that you are aware of how SecondLife works.


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